48Blocks.com was launched in 2006 in San Francisco. As an early adopter of publishing original skateboard-related content on the internet, the site became widely popular and gained an international audience during its formative years. It also contained one of the first daily skateboard news blogs on the web.

Initially, its focus was the Bay Area. That soon broadened to include skateboarding’s global culture. From 2006 through 2013, the site actively produced interviews and video content featuring a wide range of skaters, artists, photographers, and related people. From there, it evolved into a media platform utilized to publish work in collaboration with brands and larger outlets including: The Hundreds, The Berrics, Complex Media, Street League Skateboarding, DGK, TrueCooks, and more.

Since its inception, 48 Blocks has been based in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and is currently located in Brooklyn, NY.

For its latest incarnation, we’ve remastered our favorite 84 interviews from the classic site into an updated archive, and cataloged an ongoing list of links to projects relevant to the topics discussed here over the years. And, in August 2018, we launched Skate Newswire as a modern take on the news feed that was an integral part of the original site.

With a broader focus that remains rooted in skate culture, we’re continuing to tell  stories via editorial and video through our own and other platforms on the web. Stay tuned for updates.