This week, the news broke about Cambridge Analytica and the data mining and online persuasion tactics that it’s used to sway elections around the world. That, combined with the ridiculous non-linear algorithm that feeds us information, is enough to make you want to unplug altogether from what’s looking more and more like The Matrix everyday.

But that’s not what social media is all about. It’s about like-minded people from all around the globe connecting, sharing ideas, and inspiring one another. This is the case with Poisoned Pen—an Instagram account started by Martin Orton in Barnsley, UK, when he became a stay-at-home dad to care for his son with autism.

As a longtime skater, Martin took up creating vector portraits of pros from his glory days in the ‘90s to pass the time while his son was at school. The result is something spectacular.

We stumbled across the account this morning, and were so amazed by Martin’s work that we had to reach out to find out more about his process.